Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Women abandon 8 kids due to poverty

Three women left their eight beloved children to Edhi Home in its Metadhar office in Lyari due to extreme poverty as they could not feed them having no source of income, said the head of Edhi Foundation, Abdul Sattar Edhi, here on Tuesday.While talking to Media, Edhi said that three women left their children at his head office because they cannot provide food to them.He refused to disclose the names of the mothers of eight children whom they left at Edhi home,adding, that the women told him that they were living in extreme poverty and did not have any source of income.
These eight children's three fathers are jobless and not well.'The children belong to very poor families and their fathers are jobless while the women have only registered the names of their husband and said that they are residents of Korangi area and are relatives', Edhi said.The women who left their children are residents of Korangi area as they live in rented houses and cannot afford to pay their rents, as their husbands are also jobless and despite hard efforts fail to get any job.He said that one woman who was Punjabi speaking mentioned her husband's name as Khan Bahadur who is a Pakhtoon. She left her one daughter named Warda aged 5 while another woman registered her husband's name as Waseem Khan who is also a Punjabi speaking and has left three children including, Irfan 8, Usman 5 and Nimra 4, while the third woman was Urdu speaking and she is wife of Muhammad Sabir and she has left four children Rahima, 7, Faiza 12, Adnan 10 and Ramsha 9.When she was leaving her fifth child who was boy named Rehman 6 started crying when his mother was leaving him which compelled her to take back her son home.
Meanwhile, Rizwana Amber office-bearer of Edhi Home told that the said women were residents of Korangi and also were relatives.Two Punjabi speaking women were sisters and the husband of Urdu speaking woman was cousin of one women's husband.

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