Saturday, April 16, 2011


DCO Karachi Muhammad Hussain Syed has said that in order to encourage the government officials on good performance and to motivate others to improve their working, a reward-and- punishment mechanism has been established in City District Government Karachi.

He expressed these views while speaking on the occasion of distribution of Rs1000 cash award to 15 municipal services drivers who had performed their duty outstandingly during the cleaning of Mehmoodabad Nallah.

EDO Municipal Services Masood Alam was also present on this occasion.

DCO Karachi said that city government had earlier given cash awards to those officials who had performed well in the polio eradication campaign and now these drivers are given awards for their good work.

He said that the areas of Nursery, PECHS Block-6, Admin Society, Mehmoodabad, Manzoor Colony, Akhtar Colony, Kashmir Colony and other adjoining areas were in past affected due to accumulation of rain water in during monsoon and the residents of these areas had to suffer huge loss of property and human lives. However, he said this year city government has besides full cleaning of Mehmoodabad Nullah also completely cleaned all of its small and big arteries while the encroachments on this nallah have also been removed.

He expressed hope that all these areas would no more affect in future even during torrential rains.

DCO Karachi praised the municipal services staff especially drivers who had worked with full dedication during the cleaning and transfer of garbage.

He said that he had also paid unscheduled visit many times and seen these officials working on the cleaning of nallah.

DCO Karachi said that as an acknowledgement of their service to city and the citizens this process of encouragement of officials on putting up best work will continue in future as well.