Friday, November 14, 2008

Art library to reopen in December

The renovation and construction work of Atia Faizee Rahamin Fine Arts Library is at final stage and would be completed by the end of this month, official sources in Community Development Department (CDD) told on Thursday November 13.The Atia Faizee Rahamin Fine Arts Library situated in Aiwan-Riffat contains more than 4,000 books related to the subject. Its building was in dilapidated condition for the past several years.Sources said that students of Fine Arts had stopped visiting the library due to poor facilities there.

Now the CDGK authorities have finally decided to reopen the library for students.EDO Community Development Rehana Saif said that renovation and construction work at Atia Faizee Rahamin Fine Arts Library has entered its final phase. She said that Aiwan-e-Riffat is also under construction but the CDGK has decided to open the library for students after its renovation.

Rehana further said that some artwork of Atia Faizee would also be displayed on the occasion of inauguration of library. She added the renovation work of the library would be completed by the end of this month and it would be inaugurated soon in befitting manner. Renowned artists, art critics, Fine arts students and artist community would be invited in the inauguration ceremony of the library.

Librarian of the Atia Faizee Rehmeen Fine Art Library, Bilqees Bano, said that all problems including lighting, ventilation and cooling of the library hall had been resolved.She said that the hall provides sitting arrangement for more than 60 students at a time. She further said that computer and internet facilities would also be provided in the library.

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