Friday, November 14, 2008

Mustafa Kamal discusses modifying local bodies system

KARACHI: During an interview with a private TV channel on Nov. 13, City Nazim Mustafa Kamal said that the powers of commissioner system should be given to the existing DCOs and the working relationship within the local government system should be improved.Kamal refuted the possibility of any truth in claims of clashes between Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) as have been reported in the media, adding that there is ongoing dialogue on the issue of amendments in the local bodies’ system. “Both parties want to amend the system for the benefit of all. All decisions will be taken with mutual consent,” he said.

He further said that the power to transfer and post officers of grade 17 and above lie in the hands of the CM, thus hampering progressive work. “I cannot do anything against a person who is in the wrong, even if he is my subordinate, because he knows what authority I have. There is a flaw in this system,” complained Kamal.Kamal said that there are no conflicts between the provincial government and the CDGK, but some employees of the CDGK departments have still not been given their salaries of some months, adding that the problem would be resolved soon.“It is the fortune of Lahore Nazim Mian Amir that the CM of Punjab always takes the ownership of Lahore.

However, the case here is totally different. Nobody owns Karachi,” he said. “Nobody questions me, whether I make mistakes or do things well. Even the CM doesn’t call me. Everyone calls this city mini-Pakistan. It is Karachi’s misfortune. However, this is just my observation and I may be wrong,” he added.Kamal further said that the MQM leadership has worked without any discrimination and have solved old problems that Karachi has faced, such as the availability of water and the devastated sewerage system. He claimed that the present CDGK team has resolved decades-old problems in the city within the last three years.

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