Monday, November 17, 2008

Transporters refuse to reduce fares Despite reduction in fuel prices

Although, the federal government has reduced the petrol prices from Rs 76.66 to Rs 66.66 per litre and light diesel prices from Rs 60 to Rs 53 per litre, public transporters in the city however, have refused reduce the existing transport fares, which is causing arguments between passengers, conductors and drivers of public transport.According to sources in the Sindh Transport Ministry, there will probably be no official announcement for the reduction in transport fares as the recent reduction is not worth mentioning. The statistics reveal that only Rs 0.50 have been reduced even after the fuel prices were revised. As even the Rs 0.5 coins have become history, considering the reduction is not smart, commented the sources. Karachi Transport Ittehad General Secretary and Muslim Mini Bus Owners Association President Saad Mehmood Afridi refusing to reduce transport fares, he told that the increase in diesel prices has accumulated to Rs 20.53 per litre till date during the present government’s tenure and the transporters will not reduce transport fares until the government brings down per litre of price of diesel by Rs 20.

The Sindh Transport Department had allowed the transporters to increase transport fares first by Rs 2 and then by Rs 3 as they were struggling hard to survive due to the price hike. Another faction of the public transporters, National Transport Ittehad (NTI) has also vowed to charge the existing transport fares. NTI general secretary Muhammad Ashraf Benglori told that reduction in diesel prices by rupees 7.50 does not necessarily mean that it would cause any reduction in transport fares. However, it could be considered if government announces to withdraw at least 50 percent of the total increases in fuel prices that comes to almost Rs 20.53.

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