Monday, July 25, 2011

Pak-American student receives US President’s education award

Ali Adil Baloch, born to the parents of Pakistani descent, has received outstanding achievement award in education from United States President Barack Obama.

According to a report published in The Capital Post, a Washington DC-based daily newspaper, recently Ali, from Maryland, has been recognized for having scored consistently high in all his subjects and was awarded this certificate at the end of his elementary school tenure.

The achievement award programme is sponsored by the United States Department of Education (DoE) in association with National Association of Secondary School Principals. It was developed to help principals recognize and honor students who have achieved higher academic goals through their hard work and dedication to learning.

Ali, born to the parents of Pakistani descent, Adil Baloch and Salma Baloch, is one such student who was recognized by his school (Jones Lane Elementary School) and was conferred this award of achievement.

The President's Award for educational excellence recognizes academic success in the classroom. To be eligible for President's Award of educational excellence, students at each award level (elementary, middle, or high school) must meet score 90% or above on a 100-grade scale.

Ali was responsible for presenting his class to the crowd at his class’s graduation ceremony. Despite his academic excellence, Ali is also one of the top performers in his school’s chess club. He loves roller coasters, loves to plays golf with his dad and takes online classes of the Holy Quran regularly.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Youth to take a leading part in the country politics in future: Ahmed Chinoy

KARACHI: Renowned politician and focal personality of political circles Marvi Memon has expressed hopes that the Pakistani youth will change their country’s destiny.

She expressed these views while addressing the third session of the ‘Youth Leadership Development Programme 2011,’ organized by All Pakistan Memon Federation (APMF) Education Board at the National Museum of Pakistan.

The 10-week programme has been launched for Pakistani youngsters between the ages of 17 to 25 years with the slogan of ‘Ae Jazba-e-Dil Gar Me Chahon’ for invoking leadership ability in them. In each session of the programme, leadership in separate sectors is being discussed.

Memon was the chief guest of the third session of programme, which was organized to discuss political leadership. Addressing the session she said that the youth of Pakistan was her only hope.

She expressed her disappointment with the ongoing rulers and politicians present on the floors of assemblies and parliament and said that positive change can be attained if an alternate leadership comprising the youngsters replaces them.

She urged the youth to discharge their duties by casting vote so as to take an active part in constructing the future of Pakistan. Memon highlighted the need of alternative leadership and said that a process was being undertaken and contacts were being made on several levels. She vowed to unite the youth power of both rural and urban areas.

Commenting over the current political situation she said, “Current assembly is a debating club where issues are not solved they are in fact created, political parties fight for power and musical chairs of opposition and treasury benches are played for vested interests”.

Commenting over her resignation she said that she went to the assembly for her people and she has returned for her people. She said that she had been overwhelmed with the respect in response for her decision from across the country.

She termed her struggle as Karavan-e-Haq and said that the only purpose of her struggle was the provision of clean leadership, which will give Pakistanis ‘Rozgar, Tahafuz, Insaaf, and Taraqee’.

Talking about the qualities of her visionary real leadership she said that leadership will be from the people, it will live, eat, suffer, laugh, dream, and progress with them. It will not be only a VIP leadership, which only addresses them through large jalsas. It will be accessible, available, in their streets, their fields. It will understand their pains of not having clean water to drink, their endless load shedding traumas, their gas shortages, their dirty streets without proper sewerage issue. In short it will understand their daily troubles.

She said that talks about the formation of new party was before time. She was of the view that at the time she does not require any separate political forum and people of Pakistan were her platform. To a question she said that under her vision a great alliance of all those politicians, who feel pain of people, is going to be formed and will clean sweep the Pakistani politics.

Responding to a question about the chances of a coalition among existing prominent political parties she said that how would those elements found a greater alliance against corrupts, who had already bestowed them with life. Only Pakistani people will form a greater alliance, which would turn the fate of the country.

On the occasion, Chief Executive Officer Learning Minds Sohail Zindani delivered an eye-opening presentation and highlighted the civic responsibility of Youth in the current political scenario.

An interesting activity was undertaken amid that session in regard with politics. Six political parties were formed. The parties designed their manifesto, announced their candidates and election was held after a short election campaign on the basis of party agenda. Zonar Ponawala was the successful candidate on the occasion. The activity was held so as the participants could examine and understand the political process.

APMF president Ahmed Chinoy urged the youth to take a leading part in the country politics in future and said that their critical contribution will help Pakistan to get politically strong and prosperous.

APMF-Education Board Director Education Rehana Naz also expressed her views on the occasion. She also urged youth to realize their responsibility.

Muhammad Yousuf Adil Chairman APMF-Education Board, Rehana Naz, Director Education, Abdul Razzaq Vayani, Ibrahim Mamdani, Altaf Bawany, Shabbir Bilwani, Farooq Members YLDP Committee also attended the programme.