Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Well done, Keep it up." President Zardari Congratulates Mustafa Kamal

President Zardari congratulated Mustafa Kamal on the inclusion of his name in the list of the world’s best mayors and appreciated his efforts to undertake development projects in Karachi. “Well done and keep it up because a developed Karachi will finance Pakistan,” he remarked.The President agreed with the Nazim that the discharge of sewage into the sea was destroying the coastline of Karachi and said that measures needed to be taken in this regard.

On the occasion, PM’s Advisor on Petroleum Dr Asim Husain informed the meeting that the Sindh government has received US$600 million in funds from the Asian Development Bank for establishing Sindh Bank in which the CDGK and Sindh government would have 50 per cent stake each.Advisor on Finance Shaukat Tareen said that the federal government will provide funds for projects in Karachi, but the city government should also finance projects through the public-private partnership model. “We will help but you should also generate your own funds for development projects,” he added.

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