Saturday, May 30, 2009

IAPEX Exhibition opened in Karachi

Sindh govt is trying to accommodate IDPs after their registration: Shazia Marri

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Information. Shazia Marri on Friday inaugurated Building and Material Exhibition (IAPEX 2009), organized by Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP) at Expo Centre Karachi. The three-day exhibition has 165 stalls and it will continue till 31st May.
Addressing as a chief guest, Marri congratulated IAP for holding the event and said the word home itself evokes the thought of one of man’s basic necessities that of shelter, which man has needed since life began.
A structure serves so many purposes, the most important one being that of a home. She said architects provide shelter to people and it is an art that influences us. She said that our architecture reflects our rich cultural history. She applauded the role of women in architecture field saying that it is great to see the progress of women in every field, particularity architecture.
The minister said it is time to unite like 2005, when a disaster hit Pakistan. She said according to constitution Internally Displaced People (IDPs) could freely move from one part of country to other. She said that we should pay tribute to IDPs for their sacrifices. She asked why could we not accommodate them if they sacrifice for Pakistan. She said we are trying to accommodate them after their registration. The entire country is under threat of terrorism and law enforcing agencies are on high alert in all the provinces.
Ejaz Ahed President IAP said that the Institute of Architects Pakistan, Karachi Chapter’s IAPEX 2009 brings together professional architects, designers, engineers, builders, and the public in direct contact with manufacturers and dealers of building products in Pakistan and overseas.
This exhibition is an ideal forum for developments in technologies and introduction of new products to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

Friday, May 29, 2009

President voices displeasure over prolonged loadshedding in Karachi

Expressing his displeasure over continuous and prolonged load-shedding in Karachi, President Asif Ali Zardari Thursday set up a 5-member committee to evaluate the KESC performance as per its agreement and submit a report for a final decision regarding the Corporation.

The committee, to be headed by Federal Advisor Finance, Shaukat Tareen, will comprise Federal Ministers Dr. Farooq Sattar and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and two representatives of KESC Management.

The decision was taken at a high level meeting held under the chairmanship of President Zardari at the Governor House here.

Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat-ul- Ebad Khan, Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Federal Minister for Information Qamar Zaman Kaira, Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and Advisor Finance Shaukat Tareen attended the meeting.

Later briefing the press, Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the committee would meet on Saturday for performance evaluation of KESC to submit a report to the President.

Showing his indignation over continued power outages in Karachi, the President made it clear to the KESC management that this situation would not be tolerated any more and the company would have to improve the situation immediately.

The Information Minister pointed out that when KESC was privatised in 2005, the Government had taken on its debt of Rs 120 billion and gave another Rs 31 billion to facilitate the company besides giving facilities more than possible so that improvement was brought in the life of citizens of Karachi.

He said the Government was prepared to facilitate the company further but only on the basis of its performance.

While taking over the Corporation, the company had made a commitment of making an investment of dollars 361 million out of which it has brought an investment of dollars 81 million.

He said the President set up the committee with an assignment to probe whether or not the company fulfilled its committed works.

The company was asked that if it had to buy electricity from IPPs at higher rates, it should go for it to provide relief to people.

Kaira said the Committee will examine whether or not the company can run the KESC and give its conclusion about it.

The Minister said the company assured the President that it would improve the load-shedding situation in the light of the presidential directives and strive to end power cuts.

He pointed out that at the time of agreement on privatization of KESC, the WAPDA ensured interim supply of 500 MW electricity to KESC on the same rates as it is recovering from other companies.

He said that notwithstanding the fact that load-shedding is also being done in other parts of the country, WAPDA has been supplying 700 MW over and above its commitment under the agreement.

Qamar Zaman Kaira said the committee formed by the President would evaluate how far the company can bring improvement in load-shedding.

The company was told that it would have to bring improvement in power supply from today onward and it would be extended support from Federal, provincial and city governments and all the 18 Towns of Karachi.

The Federal Minister said that if the company shows its inability to do the needful, then whatever the committee will decide the government will take a final decision thereon.

He hoped that the situation would show improvement and said people would get rid of the problem only when more power plants would come on steam.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How a jilted Karachi woman saved Pak N-programme

By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: As the nation celebrates the eleventh anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear tests today (May 28), a shocking 30-year-old secret has been exposed. It reveals how a young woman college lecturer, feeling betrayed after a romance with a nuclear scientist of the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP), had given a lead to the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in 1978, which in turn had led to the dramatic arrest of 12 Pakistani scientists and engineers, planning to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear sites at the behest of a superpower.

The startling spy ring was exposed by this female college lecturer of a Karachi Memon family to the then head of ISI Sindh Brig Imtiaz Ahmed (Operation Midnight Jackals fame), only because she wanted revenge from her lover for being unfaithful. The expose led to the arrest of Pakistani scientists who were later given death and life imprisonment sentences by the special tribunal set up by the then president General Ziaul Haq.

Brig (retd) Imtiaz Ahmed broke his silence of over 30 years to share this amazing operation with The News on the eve of the 11th annual celebration of Pakistan going nuclear. He said that while many people take credit for saving our nuclear programme, no one actually knows how an unsung jilted girl had actually ended up saving Pakistan’s nuclear project out of sheer vengeance.

Brig (retd) Imtiaz Ahmed served as director in charge Internal Security ISI for several years in Islamabad and later director general Intelligence Bureau (IB) in the first government of Nawaz Sharif. The then prime minister Benazir Bhutto had put him in jail for about three years on charges of being part of the operation to oust her in 1989 during her first government. Later, General Musharraf also put him in jail for four years till his acquittal by the Lahore High Court. He is the only spymaster of Pakistan who was jailed for eight years, after serving 15 years in the ISI and the IB.

Brig Imtiaz recalled that as a lieutenant colonel he was posted as chief ISI Sindh in 1978. One day he received a telephone call from the sister of A K Brohi, who was a psychologist in Karachi. She informed him that she was treating a female young patient who was suffering from a disease called “secret concealment” wherein a patient could not be cured unless he or she shared this secret with someone.

The lady doctor had confessed to Brig Imtiaz that she had failed to make the girl reveal the secret and thought maybe he could help her. He then went to meet the woman at the clinic. She was very beautiful and had done her Masters in English Literature and was teaching at a local college.

After some initial talk, the woman finally told him that she was carrying a very dangerous secret with her but made it clear that she would not share it even if she was killed. She told him that she knew very well that the intelligence people were not trustworthy, as they usually use the people and then don’t care what had happened to them. Brig Imtiaz told her that if she was not ready to trust him, then he was ready to arrange her meetings with the then DG ISI General Riaz Mohammad (uncle of MNA Shahid Khaqan Abbasi). But, she refused. Brig Imtiaz did not lose heart and told her that he could arrange her meeting with General K M Arif who was then chief of staff to Gen Zia. When she refused again, as a last resort Brig Imtiaz offered to take her to meet President Gen Zia to share this strange secret which had made her life a living hell. But, the woman did not agree to any of these names to share her dangerous secret as she feared she might be killed.

According to Brig Imtiaz, he could have easily picked her up and kept her in a safe house for a few days in isolation to make her reveal the secret but he did not adopt this traditional style of the intelligence officers. For a few days, according to his own version, Brig Imtiaz grappled with the dilemma of whether to wait or to just pick her up and try extracting information through traditional methods.

It was during these days that one day while on his way to Clifton and driving by the consulate of a superpower, he saw a red colour Mazda car bearing a private number plate going inside at a very fast speed but he never really gave it another thought. But later, when he was sitting with the man in Clifton whom he had gone to meet, all of a sudden, his mind started working and he thought of the same red Mazda car and how it was allowed inside the consulate within a few seconds. He immediately ordered his men to stay vigilant outside the consulate and keep a tab on the car when it came out. But the red Mazda did not come out of the consulate building till late at night. Next morning, he went to his office and took out the Karachi metropolitan map and divided it into eight sectors. He gave motorcycles and cars to his ISI people with the directions to keep on roaming in these eight sectors all the time and note the registration numbers of all such red Mazda cars which were very few in those days. This exercise continued for a month but there was no big success. He kept on checking the registration numbers of red Mazda cars but no suspect was found.

One day, he got a red Mazda number which was rented out to someone from a Tariq Road showroom. One Rafique Munshi had rented that car. He had also given his address to the showroom. He was living in Garden East in MPA hostel in a suite. When the credentials of Munshi were checked, Brig Imtiaz came to know that he was working in the KANUPP as an engineer. The brigadier was immediately reminded of the female lecturer and went to meet the Memon lady. He again called the sister of Dr A K Brohi and requested her to arrange a meeting with her patient.

During the meeting, he suddenly asked the lady whether she knew Munshi. As he uttered the name, she started weeping. It took her a while to regain her composure but then she started sharing the secret which she was not ready to share earlier. She admitted that she and Munshi had been class fellows at Karachi University. Both had a serious love affair and he had promised to marry her. She said that they had also developed an illicit sexual relationship. But then he suddenly disappeared from Karachi and she could not trace him anywhere.

After four long years, he suddenly resurfaced in Karachi and was a totally changed man. Before going into hiding, he was a poor guy, but now he was loaded with dollars and leading a luxurious life. She also saw the photograph of a very beautiful foreign girl in his wallet. She then admitted to the brigadier that she was still dating Munshi but felt betrayed and cheated as she believed he had spoiled her life. She told Brig Imtiaz that she was thinking to take revenge from him but then she could not dare because it might have also harmed her.

Then the secret broke. The woman told him that one day, when Munshi left for his office, he left his safe open. She looked at the half-open safe and could not resist the temptation to check its contents. She was startled to see piles of dollars inside along with some official secret files. These papers were related to Pakistan’s nuclear sites and installations. This information was enough for Brig Imtiaz to proceed further as he understood the nature of the secret the woman was carrying with her for so many months and becoming sick in the process.

He asked her to help him get a key to Munshi’s suite so that he could himself inspect the stuff. She provided him the alternate key. With the help of a 70-year-old key-making expert Brig Imtiaz managed to open the foreign made safe and made copies of documents which were primarily questions and the answers related to Pakistan’s nuclear sites and the people working there.

Obviously Engineer Munshi was working for the secret agency of a superpower which used to provide him questions and he used to give them the replies to those questions related to the nuclear programme. This was the same man who was seen taking his red Mazda car inside the foreign consulate. Brig Imtiaz did not touch the dollars and kept putting the documents back after making copies. He now wanted to capture the whole gang, as he came to know through the papers that the agents of this secret agency of a superpower were also present in Kahuta and other important installations where the nuclear programme was being executed.

Munshi was simply playing the role of an agent between the foreign secret agency and Pakistani scientists working at those installations. After a labour of ten months and armed with necessary information, the matter was then brought to the notice of DG ISI Riaz Mohammad.

In the meantime, Brig Imtiaz came to know through those secret communications through papers that Munshi was to meet a foreign secret agent at Hawkes Bay Karachi to hand over some documents. He decided to arrest them red handed. He only took his driver along. When the two were exchanging documents, he tried to arrest them; and to his surprise, the agent shot at him but missed. But he, along with his driver, overpowered them and shifted them to a safe house.

Soon they had the names of 12 other officers at Kahuta and other places who were part of this plan to sabotage the nuclear sites. According to the plot, these nuclear scientists and engineers working on the payroll of a secret agency, were to develop huge technical sabotage of the programme to an extent that it could not have been repaired or fixed for some years to come. They all were arrested from various places in the light of information given by Brig Imtiaz.

It was revealed that actually the foreign secret agency had deputed five handlers from Washington to deal with the nuclear programme of Pakistan. These five foreign handlers included two girls, one of whose photos was seen by the heartbroken girlfriend of Munshi which made her jealous and she decided to take revenge.

Brig Imtiaz was immediately called to Islamabad to give a briefing to General Ziaul Haq The five handlers were immediately told to leave Pakistan and General Zia was said to have called the president of this superpower to register a protest that how his country’s secret agency had tried to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear programme. Zia was said to have expressed extreme displeasure over this espionage of nuclear programme. But, the president of that superpower was said to have requested Zia not to make it a public issue as it might tarnish his country’s image and Zia obliged him.

A special tribunal was set up to try all those Pakistani scientists and engineers on high treasons charges. The ringleader Munshi was sentenced to death while others were awarded life sentences by the court. But one fine morning, much to his shock, Brig Imtiaz learned that President Zia had commuted the death penalty of Munshi on the recommendation of a top Sindhi leader in exchange for his political support to the Zia regime.

After the arrest of Munshi, Brig Imtiaz met the lady lecture whose tip had led to unfold this international conspiracy against Pakistan nuclear programme. She was devastated and feeling very depressed as she told the ISI officer that she loved Munshi dearly but as he had betrayed her she could not spare him.

The woman had managed to take her revenge from her lover while Brig Imtiaz was happy to unearth such a big conspiracy for which he was later decorated with a Tamgha-e-Basalat by the president of Pakistan for his services to the nation.

“Listen, almost 30 years have passed since this incident, but till date I can’t forget how a heartbroken woman’s commitment to herself to take revenge from her lover had led to the unfolding of this secret, which, if not shared, might have deprived Pakistan of its nuclear assets and we might not be celebrating this day,” remarked Brig Imtiaz while lost in the memories of the past. (The News)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Decision on fate of LG system soon: Agha Siraj Durrani

KARACHI: Provincial Minister for Local Bodies Agha Siraj Durrani has said that President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari would take final decision on continuing local bodies system, adding government of Sindh is eager for the improvement of this system.
He said this while talking to parliamentarians and citizens at a forum on “Local Bodies System” held at a local hotel yesterday.
Minister for Local Government Agha Siraj Durrani and Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza attended the moot.
In the meeting, the technocrats apprised on behalf of LG citizens’ perception and preference survey that out of four provinces, two provinces Punjab and Balochistan have totally opposed the present LG system while NWFP is in the favour of present LG system. However, in Sindh there is an equilibrium state, about half and half in agreement and opposition, pertaining to this issue.
The technocrat surveyors contended that the present LG system is running directly under the Federal Government and the funds are released by Federal Government that weakens the power of Provincial Government. In addition, the survey claimed that most of the funds have been spent on construction of roads rather than to provide health and education facilities to the citizens.
The survey expressed an opinion that the Nazim should be elected by people, not by union councillors, and political parties should be kept away in LG election. Besides the survey advised that there should be three elected positions, Head of Local Government, Deputy Head of Local Government and Speaker of elected council, instead of two (Nazim and Naib Nazim). Most of the participants opposed the present LG system and said that they preferred the Magistracy system of 1979 as the present LG system which was introduced by former President General Pervez Musharraf in 2001 has failed to deliver while some of the participants viewed that present LG system should run with some amendments. (NC Report)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Riots erupt in Karachi over power outages

* Violent protesters burn two KESC vehicles and a complaint office

KARACHI: Riots erupted in parts of Karachi after prolonged power outages late on Saturday and continued into Sunday.

Angered citizens of the city torched at least four vehicles including two belonging to the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) while also setting a KESC office ablaze, after a prolonged load-shedding spell in Federal B Area, Ayesha Manzil, Jauharabad, Dastagir area, Yasinabad, and Orangi Town.

The protesters chanted slogans, burnt tyres, pelted stones and blocked several roads. The protests began late on Saturday. Heavy contingents of law-enforcement personnel reached the scene but were unable to control the situation. They fired gunshots in the air and teargassed the mob, which set two KESC vehicles and a truck ablaze in Ayesha Manzil Chowrangi.

On Sunday, residents of Federal B Area a KESC complaint office ablaze in the Jauharabad area while residents of Orangi Town torched a Suzuki pick-up in Ali Garh Society.

KESC officials told a private TV channel that the power utility was facing a demand for 2,400 megawatts of power and had a shortage of 257 megawatts. Other independent sources told the channel the shortfall was more than 400 megawatts.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tension grips city 2 killed, 4 vehicles set ablaze, women burnt to death

KARACHI: As many as four buses were set on fire by unknown miscreants in different localities of the city last night, in which a woman died due to burn injuries and two others wounded, while two persons were killed, one in Liaquatabad and another in Gulistan-e-Jauhar.
Reports of aerial firing and stone pelting was also received late last night from Patel Para, Nazimabad, Liaquatabad and other adjoinig areas.
All of a sudden the terror activities gripped the city last night and the reason was not known.
These vehicles were set on fire on M.A. Jinnah Road and Shoe Market areas.
Reports of burning six vehicles, firing and stone pelting incidents were also received from Hyderbabad andTando Jam areas where atleast six vehicles were set on fire. (NC Report)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Haji Abdur Razak okay, thanks well-wishers

Haji Abdur Razak of ARY has denied the reports of his arrest by saying that the report are baseless and fabricated.
Talking on ARY TV channel, he said that he was admitted in a hospital as he suffered some heart problem and now he is okay.
He thanked all his well wishers who prayed for his early recovery and also prayed for those people also who gave this news against him that may almighty Allah guide them and show the right path.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dr. Ishratul Ebad appeals for helping IDPs

Governor Sindh, Dr. Ishratul Ebad Khan has appealed to business community, religious and political parties and people belonging to all walks of life to donate generously for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Swat.
Talking to newsmen at Faisal Airbase yesterday on the occasion of shipment of relief goods collected by KKF for affectees of Swat and Malakand, he said IDPs are suffering a lot and people of Sindh, particularly Karachi should donate generously for them. He noted that participants of ‘All Parties Conference’ held on Monday have expressed their solidarity with the government on Swat and Malakand issue and also endorsed its decisions in this connection.
He stressed that nation should show the spirit for IDPs as it had displayed in 2005 for quake affectees. He also lauded collaboration of Pak Air Force, PIA, Railway and other institutions for shipment relief goods to Swat. He maintained that the government is making efforts to channelize shifting of relief goods to people of affected areas. He also hailed performance of KKF in collecting relief goods.
He noted that the government has received some evidences of presence of negative elements in Karachi; however, they would not be allowed to implement their nefarious designs.
Air Force officials briefed the Governor about shipment of relief goods. Provincial Minister and Managing Trustee of KKF Shoaib Bukhari was also present.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sir Syed Club lift Ejaz Farooqui Trophy

By Syed Khalid Mahmood

“Besides promoting cricket in the far flung areas of the zone, we have also made a point to increase the number of clubs to generate more activities at the club level.”

This was announced by Prof Ejaz Ahmed Farooqui, Chairman, Karachi City Cricket Association (KCCA) Zone II, during his speech in the prize distribution ceremony of the invitation cricket tournament named after him. Sir Syed Club annexed the title by overpowering United Gymkhana in the final.

“The registration of the Taisar Town Cricket Club augurs well for the development of the game. We will leave no stone unturned in promoting the sport in every nook and corner of the zone,” he added.

Prof Ejaz Farooqui expressed his satisfaction with the fact that their zone was throwing talent for the national competitions, firmly believing that the boys have the potential to rise to the next level.

Jamil Ahmed, Secretary, KCCA Zone II, revealed that as many as 32 teams took part in Prof Ejaz Ahmed Farooqui Invitation Tournament contested on knockout basis. He further disclosed that there was no entry fee for the tournament and even the balls used for the matches were provided by the organizing committee.

He noted with pride that all the matches of the tournament were staged on turf pitches in order to let the talented young cricketers get the maximum benefit by playing for their respective teams.

He acknowledged the support of the zonal chief, Prof Ejaz Ahmed Farooqui, who personally took care of all the expenses that occurred during the course of the tournament.

“Prof Ejaz Farooqui has been doing a great service to the game by patronizing the tournaments and other healthy activities. We are grateful to him for devoting his time and energy, besides arranging funds for the events that we have been able to organize from time to time during the last couple of years in particular,” Jamil Ahmed reckoned.

Sir Syed Club proved too good for United Gymkhana in the final to run away with the title. Batting first, United Gymkhana rattled up a challenging total of 242 in the allotted 40 overs with Shoaib Akhtar (78), Shoaib Jaffer (40) and Ahsan Khan (30) doing the bulk of the scoring.

United Gymkhana could have posted an even bigger total, had their innings not been derailed by off-spinner Owais Aslam, who returned the figures of 4 for 56. There were two wickets each for Ali Raza and Irfan Ali.

Brilliant batting from Azhar Ali and Waqas Mahboob helped Sir Syed Club reach the stiff target quite comfortably in the end. Azhar left after scoring an even hundred but Waqas remained undefeated with 83 to guide his team home with full two overs remaining.

Shoaib Lodhi, Zohaib Shera and Muzaffar Hussain were the successful bowlers for United Gymkhana but neither of them could do much to contain the free flowing pair of Azhar Ali and Waqas Mahboob.

Azhar Ali, for his superb century, was adjudged Man of the Match and he received the award with an added cash bonus of Rs 1,000 from chief guest Prof Ejaz Ahmed Farooqui.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Police baton charge protestors in Karachi, People take to the streets against prolonged power failures

Karachiites held protest demos against Karachi Electricity Supply Company for its prolonged load shedding in various parts of the city, and police baton charged and tear gassed them, ruthlessly, to disperse them.
As per details, a large number of Karachiites took to streets in different areas of the city including Saddar, Liaqatabad, Nazimabad, New Karachi , Federal B Area, Aisha Manzil, Keamari, Old Gulbahar, Drigh Road, Gulistan Johar and Suparco Road. They raised slogans against the KESC and blocked roads.
Eyewitness said when a group of citizens started protest demo at the Aisha Manzil police resorted to aerial firing. Fortunately, no injury has been reported. Earlier, a large number of citizens gathered at Liaqatabad to protest against unannounced power load shedding.
The demonstrators chanting slogan against KESC administration as well as government. They block the road for an hour and burnt tires. They criticized the authorities concerned for not reining in the KESC from prolonged and unannounced power outages in this very hot weather. They chanted slogans against the government and KESC, saying they were braving prolonged load shedding despite paying highest electricity tariff in whole Pakistan. They criticized the decision of the government to privatize the KESC, saying the private owners of the KESC have miserably failed to deliver. They are only concerned to mint money at the cost of hapless Karachiites.
Heavy police contingent were summoned that asked the protesters to disperse. They resorted to aerial firing, tear gas shelling and baton charge when the protestors refused to go away. Eyewitnesses claimed the police also manhandled some protestors. No senior police officer was available for comment.—RT

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CM visits city, reviews law and order situation

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah went round various parts of the city on Tuesday affternoon.
He was accompanied by Home Minister Zulfikar Ali Mirza, Minister for Katchi Abadis Rafiq Engineer, CM’s Advisors Rashid Rabbani, Abu Bhai, Special Assistant Qaqar Mehdi CCPO and others. The CM drove through Shahrah-e-Faisal, Alamgir Road, Jail Chowrangi, Old Sabzi Mandi, NIPA, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Sohrab Goth, Nagan Chowrangi, Shadman Town, Buffer Zone, North Nazimabad, Gulbahar, Rizvia Society, Labella, Patel Para, Guru Mandar, Numaish, M.A Jinnah Road, Saddar, Empress Market Abdullah Haroon Road, Dr Ziauddin Road and other areas.
Talking to media, Qaim Ali Shah said that in view of May 12 tragedy, the government decided to observe the day as Mourning Day. This decision was taken after close consideration and consultation with the government allies and various groups. He said the decision for public holiday today was taken in the greater interest of the province and country and not on the demand of a particular community or particular party. This decision was supported by all classes of people and parties and they assured of their full cooperation. —APP

Monday, May 11, 2009

MQM for action against ‘patrons of Taliban’ in Karachi

KARACHI: The MQM Coordination Committee in a statement issued yesterday has demanded of the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and the ISI Chief General Shuja Pasha to take action against the growing Talibanizaiton in Karachi, their activities. The committee also demanded action against ANP alleging that the ANP is providing support and protection to the Taliban.
Not only the ANP leaders are involved in providing protection and support to the Talibans in Sindh, particularly in Karachi, but some high level bureaucrats and officials of PPP (Sindh) are also supporting them.
The statement alleged that they are receiving their share from the land mafia, drug mafia and arms dealers and openly supporting them.
The statement further said that the details in this regard were presented to the President Asif Ali Zardari in a meeting with MQM founder & leader Mr. Altaf Hussain in London on May 3. But it appears that President Zardari also has failed to take any action by breaking this nexus.
The MQM Coordination Committee made it clear that if the Sindh government does not part its ways with the criminal elements of the ANP then the elected members of the MQM will be left with no other option except to quit the Federal and Provincial governments.
Rabita Committee regretted that despite all assurances from the President of Pakistan, the activities of land grabbers, drug traffickers and mafia involved in arms dealing continues without any fear. It further claimed that the high officials of PPP in Sindh government are working in connivance with the criminal elements.
The statement said that it is quite evident from the fact that on the demand of ANP, the Sindh government has announced a public holiday on May 12, whereas, the ANP stalwarts did not shown the same courage in NWFP where not only the ANP itself is running the affairs of the government but their leaders and workers were also killed in the attacks.
The MQM Coordination Committee warned the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kyani and the ISI Chief General Shuja Pasha that if they will not intervene to check and stop the criminal activities of these elements then the Sindh and particularly Karachi too will become a safe-heaven for the terrorists and the government will be left with no other option but to enter into a deal with the terrorists.
The MQM Coordination Committee said that 13 MQM workers were murdered by ANP terrorists on 12th May 2007 but the Government failed to take any action against them. However, the Sindh Government under pressure of ANP has announced a public holiday on 12th May. The massacre at the hands of ANP terrorists of 14th December 1986 at Aligarh Colony where hundreds of Urdu speaking persons were brutally murdered, similarly the massacres of 31st October 1986 and Sohrab Goth Karachi, 30th September 1988 in Hyderabad, bloodshed of Urdu speaking after the murder of Benazir Bhutto on 27th December 2007; should also be remembered and these days should also be observed as day of mourning and a public holiday should also be announced to pay respect to the innocent people who lost their lives in these massacres.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

SHC calls for report on missing children of Dr. Aafia

Sindh High Court (SHC) two-member bench, while disposing off the three petitions relating to Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, ordered providing legal assistance to Dr. Aafia Sddiqui by hiring legal expert’s service in Washington.

The bench comprising of Justice Muhammad Athar Saeed and Justice Arshad Siraj Memon further ordered presenting the report within 45 days on the two missing children of Dr. Aafia and the actions thus far taken by the agencies in this regard and if the order was not complied, then the petitioner could file contempt of court petition against the government.

Human Right Network’s advocate Intikhab Alam Suri, Awami Muslim League leader Mahfoozyar Khan and Nisar A. Mujahid had filed these petitions. The court disposing off the three petitions, ordered that the government should hire a U. S. legal expert’s service through its embassy, who taking the legal aspects of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s case, provide her legal assistance. The court further ordered that if Dr. Aafia’s family needed financial assistance for fighting out legal war, then financial assistance be also provided.

The court decision said if the orders were not complied within 45 days, then contempt of court petition could be filed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Firing in Karachi Near Johar Complex, 2 killed

KARACHI: At least two persons were killed and four others wounded in exchange of fire between two groups near Mosmiat in Sachal police precinct.

The firing between the activists of two ethnic parties began Friday morning in which two persons were killed and four others were wounded, DSP Sachal Police .
The armed clash caused harassment and fear resulting in shutdown of all shops in the locality.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Land mafia occupies valuable land allotted to poor

The land mafia, one of the main factors behind the ethnic clashes in Karachi in last week has occupied the valuable commercial land of dozens of cooperative societies allotted to the poor people on government rate.
Sources disclosing this said the land mafia involved the officials of the cooperative department who has backing of influential political leadership of the ruling parties.
Sources said in most of the cases the officials adopted new method to help out the mafia in occupying on valuable land in more then two dozens cooperative societies.
Insiders said under the new method the cooperative department posted administrators in cooperative societies to take over the control of the land from the elected bodies and later the land were transferred to builder mafia through illegal method.
The provincial government provided land to cooperative societies at minimum rate of Rs one sq yard. Large numbers of poor and middle class people are the members of these societies and they elected their office bearers to run the affairs of the society and for the development of the land. Under the law the societies were responsible to develop their land and they were authorized to collect funds from the members for the development.
However, sources said that land mafia and authorities of the cooperative society both have occupied valuable land of these societies. The authorities have taken over the control of these societies through posting of officials and the nominees of the mafia working as administrators have dissolved the elected bodies.
Moreover, sources said this fraud was going on since last six months and the poor employees of the Sindh government also have been deprived of valuable land through this new method. The government had allotted land to poor employees through Sindh Secretariat Cooperative Society.
Another society member’s who have been deprived their valuable land is the Writer Gild Cooperative Society. Poets and writers are the members of this society. Sources said the Cooperative department first took over the control of this society and later auctioned its commercial land through their inspectors.
In addition, other societies where land grabbers and authorities have deprived the members include Saudabad Cooperative Society, Muradabada Cooperative Society, Delhi Ryan Cooperative Society, Gawalyar Cooperative Society, Gulistan Cooperative Society, Timber Cooperative Society and others.
The Secretary Cooperative Department had dissolved elected bodies of these cooperative societies and appointed administrators. Later the authorities sold the commercial land through auction on minimum price and the proceeds were not transferred in the accounts of these societies.
Sources said that the authorities of the cooperative department threatened the affected people who lodged complaints that no action would be taken against the officials involved in this illegal occupation as they have backing of a woman ruling party leader who is very powerful. (Daily National Courier)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Karachi Transport Ittehad (KTI) announces wheel jam strike on May 8

In reaction to the incidents of violence on April 29 that claimed more than 30 lives including public transport drivers, Karachi Transport Ittehad (KTI) announced a wheel jam strike on May 8.
President, KTI, Syed Irshad Hussain Bukhari claimed that in the recent incidents of violence eleven public transport drivers were killed. He further claimed that as many as 29 mini buses and coaches were set a blaze while eleven dumpers were also torched. He also said that taxis and rickshaws were also torched in different areas of the metro polis.
“It is disappointing that the Chief Minister Sindh held a meeting with all main parties regarding the violence on April 29 but he did not consult transporters who suffered the most,” regretted Bukhari, adding, “We serve the citizens regardless of their ethnicity and background and we should have been contacted by the authorities.”
He further said that the violence was a result of tension between different groups operating in the city. “These groups may be land mafia, bhatta mafia or you name it,” he said. “If CM can hold meeting with pressure groups why can’t he talk with us,” he added.
He demanded that the legal heirs of those killed and owners of minibuses, coaches, dumper trucks, rickshaws and taxis should be compensated by the government otherwise transporters will hold a wheel jam strike on May 8 and call for an other strike for an indefinite period in future.
It may be added here that National Transport Ittehad Karachi has already announced a wheel jam strike on May 12.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Police conspiring to launch 92-like operation: MQM

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Rabita Committee has alleged that police administration is hatching conspiracy to launch 1992-like crackdown in Karachi.
The Members MQM Rabita Committee London including Muhammad Anwer, Tariq Jawaid, Saleem Shahzad, Mustafa Azizabadi and Ashfaq were addressing a press conference via telephone from London at Karachi Press Club.
Muhammad Anwer said “Inspector General of Sindh Salahuddin Babar and Capital City Police Officer Karachi Wasim Ahmed have misguided the prime minister in their briefing about Karachi violence.”
The Rabita Committee said that “Police authorities are making a plot for 1992-like operation.”
“The CCPO has tried to give the recent spat of violence in Karachi as an ‘ethnic’ color,” it said. The committee warned that MQM would take an extreme step if IG Sindh and CCPO Karachi were not replaced or removed.
The Rabita Committee further alleged that IG Sindh Salahuddin Babar had been patronizing the land and drug mafias in the city. No action was taken against the land and drug mafia despite the fact that they were identified, it said.
“If both officials were not removed, the MQM would not give any ultimatum, but make a decision,” it said.
Deputy Convener MQM Rabita Committee, Dr. Farooq Sattar and other MQM leaders including Shoaib Ahmed Bukhari, Dr. Sagheer Ahmed and Baber Khan Ghauri joined the press conference at KPC.