Monday, November 17, 2008

City Nazim Returns, vows to keep up good work

Karachi Nazim Mustafa Kamal said that the praise bestowed on him by the US journal does not mean that MQM has reached the peak of what it can do to serve the people of Karachi.He stated this while talking to the media at the airport after returning from London on Sunday. MQM leaders including Dr Muhammad Farooq Sattar, Babar Khan Ghori, Shoaib Ahmed Bukari, Dr Nusrat Shoukar, Waseem Aftab and City Naib Nazim Nasreen Jalil, along with provincial ministers, town ministers, union nazims, city council members, Karachi DCO Javed Hanif, KWSB MD Ghulam Arif Khan, City Government EDOs, media representatives and citizens welcomed Kamal at the Karachi Airport.

The crowd chanted slogans while a band greeted Kamal with beautiful tunes. This was the first time that an MQM member was greeted by such a huge crowd. Talking to the media, Kamal said that the privileged land and feudal lords that make up 2 percent of the country’s population should understand and realise that in order to save the country and encourage progress, they will have to bring on board and share their wealth with the other 98 percent of the population. He congratulated the middle class and the Haq Parast people and stated that his mention in the mayors of the moment was the result of Altaf Hussain’s 30 year long struggle, which is also the success of the poor and the middle class.

He said that the 30 year long effort of MQM against feudal lords and capitalism has been appreciated by the world and now feudal lords and the capitalist class must understand that the implementation of Altaf Hussain’s and MQM’s policies is the only way to save the nation from conspiracies and set it along the path of progress and prosperity. Kamal further stated that MQM has rebelled against the corrupt political system and feudalism in the country as MQM is the only party that elects poor and middle class people and represents them in the National and Provincial assemblies. He went on to say that the governor of Sindh, senators, MNAs, MPAs, ministers, city nazim, naib nazim, town nazims are elected representatives of MQM that belong to middle class and are all doing their best to solve the problems faced by the public.

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