Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kamal announces to establish ‘Karachi Development Trust’

Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal has announced to establish “Karachi Development Trust” to carry on the process of development and maintenance of infrastructure in Karachi.
The utilization of the fund collected under this trust would be authorized by a five member board comprised of non controversial and non political personalities.
He also suggested the names of (R) Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid, former Governor of State Bank Dr. Ishrat Hussain and famous surgeon Dr. Adeeb Rizvi as possible trustees while he himself submitted the form to donate one thousand rupees each month in the account of the Karachi Development Trust. He said that if all account holders in city donate only Rs.5 in this account than we could collect Rs.45million monthly.
Addressing a huge gathering of thousands of employees of City Government Karachi, its subsidiaries and town administration City Nazim announced the establishment of Karachi Development Trust. He said that Karachi earns 70 percent of national revenue but in reply get only two percent on total income and payment of that petty sum too depends on the better financial condition of the country. In such conditions it is hard to continue the process of reconstruction and development in Karachi which is considered back bone of the national economy.
He said that’s why we have now decided that the citizens of Karachi would now themselves contribute to the development of their city and we henceforth we would not ask for any money from the federal or provincial government and the journey of progress would be continued with our own resources.
Kamal said that everyone who lives in Karachi can denote at least 5 rupees monthly or more in the account of this trust. All this money would be deposited in the account of Karachi Development Trust which would be utilized only under the supervision of five non political, non controversial and well known and respected persons of the city. He said that in the first phase a total of 125,000 employees of city government and its subsidiary organizations would donate Rs.5 monthly as voluntary donation in the account of Karachi Development Trust. However they would be free to choose the amount and there would be no bound on them in this regard.
He said that first of all and before going to public for donation I have come to my own tribe and my own people which are employees of City District Govt Karachi for voluntary donation of Rs.5 or more. This petty amount as drops of water could turn into sea tomorrow which would be used in the construction of roads, bridges and flyovers in Karachi and we could also use this money in the mass transit system and supply of electricity to Karachi.
He said that we have now decided that the wheel of progress and development will not be allowed to halt in any circumstances. (NC Report)

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