Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Contract for begging in Karachi sold for Rs 50 million, 1,000 beggars sent to Edhi Village in first two days of Ramzan

The city wardens after a struggle of half an hour caught a hold of a male beggar, in his thirties, from Karimabad on Monday. The six-foot tall man with dark complexion and thick mustaches was begging on streets posing himself as a lame person. On close inspection, he was found bodily and mentally fit with no kind disability. He had come to Karachi from southern Punjab for enjoying ‘begging season’ here this Ramzan.
At least six CDGK wardens were trying to catch him, when he threw away his crutches and galloped away. City wardens and some citizens present there chased him and finally caught hold of him. The city government has started a campaign to catch professional beggars who usually come from upcountry to Karachi for begging during the holy month of Ramzan, and send them to Edhi Village at Superhighway. When contacted, head of city wardens Azhar Hashmi said that it was very big and powerful mafia, run in a sophisticated manner. He claimed this year the begging mafia had sold contract of the begging in Karachi at Rs50million. He further said they had captured 1000 baggers on the first two days of Ramzan, adding six specials teams were catching beggars and sending them to Edhi Village. He said at least 10,000 baggers have come to Karachi during the first two days of Ramzan. Usually the beggars come here with their women and children, he added. He said 70 percent of these beggars belong to southern Punjab. They beg at public places, traffic signals, markets and mosques, he said adding during the Ramzan people give Zakat, and these professionals beggars also take this advantage.
He said during the campaign, many wardens of CDGK were attacked by these beggars, armed with small knifes and daggers hidden in their clothes.

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