Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Abdur Rehman Dakait’s will unveiled: 6-yr-old son named as successor

* Uzair Baloch to assume control of empire of blood and gore till Rehman’s son grows up

Lyari’s infamous gangster Abdul Rehman Baloch alias Rehman Dakait, who was shot dead in an encounter on Sunday, was apparently not planning for such an early demise as his will, which was unveiled on Tuesday, nominated his six-year-old son, Kabeer Rehman, as his successor to the blood and gore.

However, as his son is a minor, Dakait’s close aide Uzair Baloch will assume control of the gang until Kabeer grows up to take over the mantle.

Lyari’s Peace Committee chief Uzair Baloch who is now also the caretaker chief of Rehman’s group, during an exclusive interview with Daily Times termed Sunday’s alleged encounter an ‘extra judicial killing’, as Rehman and his men were on their way to Karachi from Balochistan when they were detained by SSP Chaudhry Aslam near Zero-Point check post about five to six hours before the ‘encounter’ was revealed to the world.

He added that the police officers then brought them to the city and shot them from close range, which is also supported by the postmortem report.

“The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has paid the police to kill Rehman, as he was gaining support by the day through his social welfare projects, a fact that greatly worried the MQM,” the caretaker chief alleged. “The MQM wants to take over Lyari but I want to make it clear that Rehman’s legacy and mission will live on.”

“Rehman lives on in our hearts and nothing will change after his death,” he said, adding that the future of the Peace Committee remains as bright as ever. Replying to a question, Baloch said, “If the law enforcement agencies want to launch an operation in Lyari, we will actually welcome them but I will warn them that Rehman’s death has only served to further unite the Baloch community.” He also alleged that it was MQM workers who fired during Rehman’s funeral and killed innocent people.

On the other hand, Rehman’s sister told Daily Times that Aurangzaib Baba, another of Rehman’s close aides, received a call from Rehman telling him that he was in SSP Aslam’s custody and Aurangzaib should arrange Rs 60 million, as a deal had been brokered between the gangsters and the police.

“My brother was wearing a trouser and shirt and everyone knows that he never carried a gun when he was dressed like that,” she said. She, however, confirmed that Rehman has nominated Kabeer as his successor, while adding that despite Atiqur Rehman being his eldest son, he wanted Kabeer to carry forward his legacy, as the little one was his favourite.

“Kabeer will avenge his father’s death one day,” she said.

Rehman’s relatives claimed that the deceased gangster was engaged in various social and welfare activities in Lyari, financially supporting many a family in the locality besides setting up a hospital, library and school.

When Daily Times approached these families, their anguish at Rehman’s death was apparent. “He was the only one who felt our pain and helped us in every possible way, providing us food, shelter and medical care. Who will help us now?” they said.

They demanded that Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry take notice of Rehman’s murder and set up a special inquiry team to ascertain the facts.

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