Monday, April 13, 2009

Removing deprivation of Balochis only way to save country: Altaf Hussain

KARACHI: Removing the deprivation and fulfilling the needs of people, especially the Balochis, is the only way to save country, announced the Founder of MQM Altaf Hussain, while he demanded highest ranking leaders of the country to order a proper judicial inquiry into the recent brutal murder of three leaders of the Balochistan province.
He demanded of the President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Affairs Rehman Malik and provincial Government of Balochistan that culprits be arrested and awarded exemplary punishment - whosoever may be involved in it - even if they belong to law enforcement agencies, he stressed.
Such demand was made by him while addressing a huge protest rally held here at Mazar-e-Quaid against the murder of Balochistan leaders. Altaf in his telephonic address from London said this rally has been held to express complete solidarity with the Baloch people and MQM shares their grief and sorrow.
He said the sense of deprivation after the murder of these three leaders Lala Munir Baloch, Sher Mohammed Baloch and Ghulam Muhammad Baloch the sense of deprivation has been further increased.
He asked Baloch people through this huge rally that do not feel isolated and alone and that MQM is standing in this painful period shoulder to shoulder with the Balochis.
Altaf asked the rulers that they should investigate that despite tendering apology by the Prime Minister and President such brutal murders are taking place, he asked. Altaf further said it was the responsibility of the rulers to find as to find out the elements who are insistent upon disintegrating Pakistan.
MQM chief said he hates the word minority while equal rights should be provided to all people of the country irrespective of their numbers. He again said Pakistan these days is passing through a very critical phase and for this unity was badly needed now more than at any other time in the past.
Referring to provincial autonomy he once again that provincial autonomy be provided to all the provinces and in this regard concurrent list be also abolished.
Altaf said center should keep currency, foreign affairs and defense with them, while all other things be handed over to the provinces. (Daily National Courier)


paki said...

Altaf Hussain always reminds me of a saying "Devil does good sometimes for his own benefit"
Altaf orders his men to kill baloch in karachi and now one can see his hypocracy.
How can ALtaf be a Paki when he abused Pakistan in India?
Altaf is an anti pakistan
person who has been working for CIA and RAW

Avinash said...

@Paki: I agree with u

! u spoke everything :) which i was about to write:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Paki and your supporter,
can you give me the names of person who has beeen upon the orders of Altaf Hussain in Karachi.
Your and your army never admitted Bangali as Pakistani in the past and now you are issuing a Fatwa ones again against the leader who has public support, I pray for Altaf Hussain that May God give him strenght to become a non Paki as you suggested.
and read other point of view about the partition of subcontinent you will find Altaf was a first person who showed the historical reality about the creation of Pakistan.
and he never said at any forum that the pakistan should be removed from the world map.