Wednesday, April 22, 2009

President issues directive to make Karachi “Green City”.

President Asif Ali Zardari has directed that no construction project shall be approved by given executing/building control agency, unless the sponsor of the project makes specific provision in terms of expenditure (budget/PC‑1) for plantation of trees and shrubs, both inside and outside the parameters of such construction unit.

The President had given this directive during a briefing given to him on Green Karachi.

The directive was communicated by Sindh Chief Secretary Fazlur Rehman to ACS, Planning and Development, Senior Member Board of Revenue, all Administrative Secretaries and DCO Karachi respectively.

The officials have been asked to comply with the directive and send report to the Sindh Chief Secretary’s office in respect of each project/construction being approved with specific provision made in green belts, plants, shrubs, trees, roadside shrubbery and hedges, within a week.

The Chief Secretary in his communication pointed out that Karachi is a sprawling port city, spread over an area of more than 3600 Km. It is ranked as seventh biggest city of the world. It registers about 32 percent of the total industrial establishments of the nation. It is the financial capital of Pakistan.

Although Karachi is a center of education and business, encompassing in its fold more than 16 million people, skilled workers, enterpreneurs, students, technicians and labourers, but, the Chief Secretary said, “one thing for which we crave is Greenery.”

Its imposing buildings, flyovers, under‑passes, need to synchronise with matching proportion of gardens, trees, road side plantation, in every nook and corner of the city, said the chief secretary.

He said that in specific natural and climatic conditions of Karachi, there is need to put in more efforts, to make this city more green.

He pointed out that CDGK has been undertaking vigorous campaigns for this purpose but still a lot of work needs to be done by all the public servants and government departments to make Karachi a Green City.

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