Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Envoy delighted by CDGK ideology, works

KARACHI: City Naib Nazim Nasrin Jalil has said that Haq Parast leadership has tried to create an environment in Karachi whereby people may have a sense of security and equal participation in positive activities that could broaden their vision.
She pointed out that poverty in Pakistan is one reason for extremism and the need of the hour is to bring about a change in the approach of people.
She was talking to Netherland Ambassador in Pakistan, TJeerd F. De Zwaan, who met her here Tuesday.
Nasrin Jalil declared that law and order and the environment established for promotion of economic activities would not be allowed to be marred.
She said Karachi is the heart of Pakistan and the country is playing the role of front line state in the obtaining situation in the region. Talking to Naib Nazim, the Ambassador described as delightful and positive, the change brought in the environment by the city government on the basis of its ideology.
He informed that at present 19 Dutch companies are operating in Pakistan out of which 18 are in Karachi.
He said that Netherland is exporting various types of machinery, scrap, chemicals and dry milk to Karachi and importing sea food, Kinoo and other items from here.
Nasrin Jalil said that Nazim Karachi is working round the clock for city’s development and our effort is to present the city government’s affairs before the city council in an effective manner.
She said the Haq Parast leadership has created political consciousness among the people and the citizens now reject extremism in every form.
On the occasion she presented the momento of city government and an ajrak to visiting Ambassador and led him and his delegation to a visit to Archive department.

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Sikander Hayat said...

Keeping on one side the foreign interest in Balochistan, it is the duty of every Pakistani to condemn these killings.

By Sikander Hayat