Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lets Save Mini Pakistan

By Aeyaz Hassan

Dear all, let’s stand above ethnic, cast, linguistic, provincial, class, and religion belonging. To analyze some thing and to find out reality one must keep aside any type of bias.

There can not be a single Pakistani who will disagree with the reality that karachi is financial capital and economical and industrial hub of Pakistan and is truly called MINI PAKISTAN.

Taliban are not a fiction and there atrocities and brutality on the name of religion is not a horror story. Taliban have there routes in karachi as there are almost 2000 unregistered and registered Madarsa in karachi of which many are having links with those regions where taliban are right now in power and are killing innocent people,burning schools and fighting with our own Army to take over.

Karachites have witnessed that after almost a decade of violence,blood shed worst law and order situation there city was in relative calm and is progressing in all manners from last eight years.

Those who were on road on 27th of december 2007, a black day in history of Pakistan when we have lost a great leader, exactly know that who were the people who have killed, burned, looted, harassed, kidnapped women, raped and taken away cash from banks and ATM’s before torching them. Those were the people who have nothing to do with PPP but at the time of grief,pain and sorrow they were working on there own agenda under the cover of so called public reaction.

People of karachi will never forget that those people and those were the same who are really supporting Taliban in karachi.Unfortunately a religious political party which was against the formation of Pakistan is also the mastermind behind Talibanization of Karachi.

People of Karachi must stand together hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder to save MINI PAKISTAN from Talibanizaation because they are not only threat to Pakistan but also defacing Islam.

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