Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Biden played role in shedding Musharraf’s uniform: PM

KARACHI: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has revealed that the newly-elected US vice president, Joseph Biden had played a key role in doffing off the uniform of former President General rtd Pervez Musharraf.

“ As far as Mr Biden is concerned, he has been a pro-Pakistani, and he has played a key role in restoration of democracy in Pakistan, and doffing off the uniform of General Musharraf. This was not done by us or any other party”, Gilani said while talking to newsmen the handing over of logistic ship to Pakistan Navy at Karachi Shipyard here on Monday.

The prime minister said that the US drone attacks in tribal areas was not permitted by the government and hoped that with the change in leadership in the US, that policy would also be changed.

“There is no agreement with the US in this regard. Pakistan is a sovereign country and no one, including US could not be allowed for drone attacks on Pakistani soil. We are seeking support of other countries against these attacks”, he said.

Mr Gilani said if the US authorities had any proofs regarding presence of terrorists in tribal areas, then it must provide such proofs to Pakistan. “ Our forces will act against them”, he maintained.

Replying to a query regarding Mumbai terrorists attacks, the prime minister said if India provided concrete proofs in this regard, Pakistan would certainly act in line with its own law.

“ We don’t want to indulge in exercise of issuing irresponsible statements in this regard”, he said and added “ Pakistan is a powerful nation, and it can defend itself very well”.

To a question regarding lawyers’ movement, he said that the PPP had rendered more sacrifices than any other party for the independence of judiciary.

“ As far as the lawyers and N-League’s movement for the restoration of deposed judges is concerned, it is their own affair, we have no objection on that.”.

Terming the hanging of former Prime Minister, and founder of the PPP, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “judicial murder”, the prime minister observed that the issue should be investigated.

To another question, the prime minister said that the MQM Chief Altaf Hussein was an ally to the government, and his party would soon be part of the federal cabinet.

He said that his advisor on interior affairs, Rahman Malik had gone to London with his permission to meet Altaf Hussein,

Referring to the simmering financial crisis, Mr Gilani said that the whole world was in the grip of recession, which has hit Pakistan also.

He said his government had been given a mandate for five years and that the problems confronting the country could not be resolved in eight months.

He said that PPP was not against the current local government system and intended to make it more effective.

“ We will take concrete steps to make this system more effective”, he added.

Earlier, addressing the ceremony, the prime minister hailed the performance of Pakistan navy saying that it was playing a key role in the country’s defence.

He observed that the shipping industry was playing an important role in making the country’s defence impregnable.

“ This is not only playing an important role in the country’s defence, but will also increase the employment opportunities”, he maintained.

The prime minister welcomed the beginning of commercial activities at Karachi Port Trust.

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