Thursday, January 15, 2009

Famous comedian Shakeel Siddiqui beaten up in India

A prominent Karachi based Pakistani television and stage actor Shakeel Siddiqui was beaten up by some Indian fundamentalist elements in Mumbai on Wednesday, Geo T.V reported.

Famous comedian Shakeel was expected to perform in the famous show ‘Comedy Circus’. For that purpose he was staying in Mumbai, but it seems a group of thugs belonging to Nationalist/fundamentalist Indian mindset has badly beaten the terrific comedian. At the moment it seems a horrible news, as Shakeel has been a famous person in India and was a source of bringing joy to million of faces all across the sub-continent.

It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds and how it would affect the media relations between both the countries. Ghajini is just released in Pakistan after a slight delay and this horrific news is going to further affect the constant deteriorating situation between the two nuclear Nations.


Anonymous said...

ya i was really shocked to hear this but it was his mistake after all he shouldn't have gone there after all that have happened.I know he was trying to cool down the whole situation by laughter but not everybody thinks so.... :-(

nashatwork said...

This is extremely sad. Past actions of MNS had already confirmed that this it is more like a terrorist outfit hiding behind a political party's veil. Government should take serious action against them. The outfits are disintegrating India with in forget the outside threats.

I am a big fan of Mr. Shakeel and hope he stays here even after this and he gets some support from the bollywood fraternity since he is an artist and human first.

Anonymous said...

This is really shocking. Organizations like MNS or Shiv sena they do it for cheap popularity, they do not represent India. They even do to their own people.

Mukund said...

Sakeel bhai pls come back to mumbai......we are sorry and we miss you......Indian

Pattan said...

You indian's are so bastard. You people first invite as a guest than beat your own guests so sad. If u people think that india is that much stronger then y don't you come to battle ground. Pattan