Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SSUET to have a Center of studies for Irrigation and flood relief

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) is going to have a center of studies for Irrigation and Flood Relief – the first of its kind to be established by an engineering university.

An announcement in this regard was made by Chancellor SSUET Engr Z.A. Nizami, while presiding over the Sir Syed Day function held at the University’s Convocation Ground in Karachi.

Mr Nizami made the announcement on behalf of Pakistan’s noted engineer and most senior Aligarhian Engr Bashir A. Malik, who was the chief guest at the Sir Syed Day function which is iberved every year on October 17.

Mr Nizami said Engr Bashir Malik, has announced to wholly sponsor the establishment of this center. It was Engr Bashir Malik who donated the entire Rs 12 million cost of an Auditorium of international standard at SSUET.

The Chancellor noted that establishment of such a study center was the need of the house and work on its establishment will start within a week. He said the center will feed the entire country on irrigation and flood relief issues.

He announced yet another sponsorship from Engr Bashir Malik for the establishment of Lahore Campus of Sir Syed University and said the legal requirements in this respect would be sorted out first to pave the way for this purpose.

On the occasion, Engr Nizami announced the conferment of status of Professor Emiratus of SSUET for Engr Bashir Malik in recognition to his services in the field of civil engineering and more particularly the water issues.

Nizami said that no one else but SSUET has been instrumental in keeping the “Aligah Spirit” alive and said that it is the only university in Pakistan which, besides imparting education in six engineering didsciplines, made Pakistan Studies, Aligarh Movement and Pakistan Movement compulsory subjects while following the spirit and mission of great reformer and educationist Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

He referred to the host of studies carried out on disaster management at the University and said that the bulky reports were sent to some 32 organizations and only three of them took the pain to go through these world standard reports.

Mr Nizami said that keeping the mission of Sir Syed, this university keeps pursuing its students to only focus on their academic pursuits besides extra academic activities.

Earlier, speaking as chief guest, Engr Bashir A. Malik who did his civil engineering from Aligarh Muslim University and served as Technical Advisor to UN on water issues, described Sir Syed Ahmed Khan a great personality and said such personalities never die and their achievements are always remembered.

He said that achievements of the great reformer and educationist are counted even after 110 years – his biggest achievement being the Aligarh College which later became the world fame university.

He said the students of Aligarh Muslim University led the movement for the creation of a country in which today we are living as a free nation. He said this country was carved out under the sterling leadership of Quaid-e-Aza Muhammed Ali Jinnah which otherwise it was not possible to get it from the yoke of imperialists and hindus.

“It was not an easy task to bring a country on the world map, and the basic role towards this was played by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan through the establishment of college in Aligarh”.

Bashir Malik said that the seed for establishment of Pakistan was sowed by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan but what not is being done to this country today. He said once the Muslim were a great united nation but had no country while today we have a country but with a divided nation.

He said it is wrong that Pakistanis are inferior to anyone. “We should come out of inferiority complex and be proud of achievements of our people like the one who made it a atomic power.

Engr Bashir Malilk made a special mention about his book “save water save Pakistan” and said the book has special philosophy behind it.

He pointed out that the world has only 2.5 percent of water for drinking purposes and 70 percent of it was underground and thus the world has less than one percent of water available for drinking.

He warned that after 10-12 years Pakistan will not have enough water to meet the drinking needs of its 22 million people and, therefore, it is imperative to take up this issue on war footing. He said any government in power should not only work on construction of dams but also control the population growth at the same time.

He said it is important to meet the country’s energy requirements and overcome the load shedding problem, but it must be remembered that we cannot live without water for more than one week. He said there would not have been load shedding, if the governments in power had focused on construction of dams.

Other speakers on the occasion included noted writer and poet, Muslim Shamim, snior most Aligarhian Saeed Siddiqi and noted writer Prof Dr Waqar Rizvi, who paid glowing tributes and recounted the achievements of great reformer and educationist and said he was the torch bearer of Islamic renaissance.

They said that Sir Syed laid the foundation of Muslims renaissance with the establishment of Aligarh College. They said that he was the motivating force behind the rebirth of learning. They said he created educational and political consciousness among the Muslim youth and led sectarianism to an end.

Noted poet Khumar Farooqi presented poetic tributes to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan while the boys and girls of Sir Syed University sang “Tarana-e-Aligarh”.

SSUET students Fatima Saima and Omer Ali kazmi delivered speeches on Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in English and Urdu respectively.

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