Sunday, October 30, 2011


The participants of 12th Mid Career Management Course in National Institute of Management visited head office of City District Government Karachi on Thursday. The delegation called on District Coordination Officer Karachi Roshan Ali Shaikh in his office at Civic Center.

Later during a meeting attended by the delegation with EDOs of City Government and Director General National Institute of Management, DCO Karachi Roshan Ali Shaikh appraised the delegation about the preparation of development plan and other mega projects initiated in Karachi.

He said that the shifting of rural population to urban areas all over the world had been creating many problems for mega cities including Karachi.

City Government Karachi has taken various measures to ensure the availability of civic facilities for every citizen. Unfortunately, the city of Karachi did not have any mass transit system which had created traffic related problems. The population of Karachi would exceed 30million mark by 2030. The city administration was therefore taking all initiatives to solve the problems regarding mass transit system and solid waste management.

DCO Karachi said that the city government was making all efforts to provide better facilities to citizens in each sector including education, health & fumigation, transport and infrastructure development. Anti encroachments cell of city government had been taking action against all illegal occupations of land.

He said the rules and regulations of transparency international and SPPRA were being implemented in Karachi to set a tradition of good governance.

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