Friday, February 27, 2009

Karachi Club remains tight-lipped over awards controversy

The Karachi Club has been embroiled in controversy regarding the allegedly unjust ‘Mastermind’ and ‘Genius’ awards it presents to students, but the administration of the club has declared the matter closed.

“This is a closed chapter,” stated Jameel Sarkani, President Karachi Club. “It is an internal matter of the club and should not be prodded by outsiders.”

The ‘Mastermind’ and ‘Genius’ awards are presented to students who have excelled academically in a given year. In a recently published report, it emerged that Syeeda Aziz, a student who had taken part in the competitions, had failed to receive a prize despite achieving 12 straight A’s in her ‘O’ levels. She and her father, Khwaja Azizullah, alleged that the committee deciding the prizes for both competitions had been biased.

“Applicants who are selected for the competition must appear for further aptitude tests and interviews,” explained Ali Asghar Valika, nine-time president of the club, in a meeting with The News. “Their extra-curricular activity record is also screened and affects final decision of the committee.”

However, the matter of the distribution of prizes was declared an internal affair when The News attempted to probe further. When discussing the club itself, Valika termed it a socially protected place for the affluent that offered its members many facilities and encouraged healthy competition through a variety of sporting and other activities. According to Valika, the club was not a commercial organisation and offered subsidised food.

There is no scholarship programme for its members, as according to club officials, those who can afford its high fees are capable of sending their children to top schools of the country.

“Those who pay Rs1.2 million membership fees are naturally quite well off,” said Valika, but added that currently, the club was facing a loss, despite its high fees.

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"...Ali Asghar Valika, nine-time president of the club..."

This in itself might indicate a problem.