Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jumbo Publishing joins hands with Kitabain.com

Jumbo Publishing, the market leaders in sports publishing in the region, have recently joined hands with Kitabain.com, an online books marketplace, having made great strides in a rather short span of time.

Kitabain.com has been founded by two highly talented young engineers, Usman Siddiqui and Jawad Yousuf, with a mission to connect booksellers/bookstores all over Pakistan with book lovers across the country.

Usman has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, with highest distinction, from Purdue University, Indiana, USA, while Jawad has a degree in Actuarial Sciences from Purdue University and a Masters degree in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Kitabain.com is a centralized platform where individual sellers or bookstores can instantly make their inventory available online using our automated system and where buyers can browse for and purchase books put up by numerous booksellers all in one place.

Their overriding goal is to make access to books easier for readers across Pakistan. They have reckoned that the prices of new books are generally on the higher side, access to old books is limited since there are a limited number of old bookstores which are not always accessible to everyone and the old books that are available at these bookstores or weekly bazaars are poorly catalogued and hence difficult to find.

They have come up with the solution in the shape of www.kitabain.com where properly catalogued and searchable database of thousands of used/new books at deeply discounted prices are showcased, providing an opportunity for small bookstores/book sellers to make their inventory available to a potentially much larger audience than the traffic at their stores and anyone in Pakistan can be their customer.

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