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Anjuman Kashana-e-Itfal-o-Naunehal

Kashana gets fewer babies and therefore the waiting period could be up to two years. They require the adoptive mother to visit their center daily for a week to learn to care for the child placed with her and based on their assessment, they provide their release, which allows one to proceed with getting a birth certificate and guardianship order.

A doctor immediately checks babies that are handed over to Kashana. They are not put up for adoption if there are serious health concerns about the baby or the baby is severely underweight. The staff at Kashana works to bring the baby's weight up to a certain standard, and provide treatment to fix the health issues. In any case, they do not put the baby up for adoption before he/she is at least 3 months old.

They carefully select the couple which they think would be most suitable to raise the baby. They try and "match" the baby with the parents. They believe that this helps the baby to better adjust in the family. Once they think there is a good match, they contact the parents.

The babies are housed in a peaceful nursery with usually three or four attendants. The prospective mother is asked to come to the nursery every day for a week, where she is "trained" to take care of the baby. A separate area complete with a crib is kept aside for this training. The mother learns to clean the baby, feed, change and give the baby a bath.

After the week of training, the baby is taken home. One has to appear with the baby in front of the board at Kashana and there is a formal handing over ceremony with much cheering and blessings for the baby.

Typically, Kashana does not give another child for adoption to a couple who already has one. The reason is the tremendous number of applications they have and the limited number of babies they get. Additionally, they do not hand over the baby to a relative of the adoptive parent. They will inform the parents and wait until the child is picked up by the parent themselves.

In order to apply, one parent has to go and meet Mrs. Isphahani, present their case and fill out the application. One has to fill the application, give a copy of a nikah nama and a photograph of the adoptive couple. Later, a home study and a statement of finances are submitted.

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