Monday, December 21, 2009


As a result of meeting of President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI), Abdul Majid Haji Muhammad with Mr. Tabish Gauhar, CEO, KESC on December 10, 2009, KCCI has arranged a ‘Khuli Kacheri’ at Chamber’s auditorium on December 17, 2009 to facilitate KCCI members regarding KESC issues specially for long pending issues. It was first time in the history that a “Khuli Kacheri” was arranged. Members were invited to forward their complaints to KESC for taking prompt and early action to resolve the issues. Members were very keen to participate in Khuli Kachery as each member individually presented his case and all issues were thoroughly discussed and considered in the meeting.

The most frequent issues pertaining to KESC like Excess Billing, Average Billing, Fixed charges, unjustified arrears, unannounced load shedding, testing of electricity meters, replacement of electricity meters and old wires in absence of consumer, delay in load extension, low voltage, delay in new connections and poor performance of BOC’s staff were discussed.

Mr. Mehmood Ahmed, General Manager, Mr. Shariq Subhan, Deputy General Manager, Ch. Tanveer Arshad, Manager and Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Manager, KESC were the representatives from KESC.

Mr. Shamim Ahmed Firpo, Chairman, Public Sector Utilities Power & Gas Sub-Committee, KCCI specially highlighted the long pending issues regarding new connection and extension in load. He expressed his gratitude to KESC officials for their cooperation. He also said that this liaison will be continued in future also. He also announced that a next follow-up meeting will be held after one week for further discussion and to review the issues.

Mr. Mehmood Ahmed, General Manager, KESC while responding to all queries assured the members that their cases will be resolved soon. He also said that we need to study the cases and will try to resolve the issues in two-three day or within a week time.

The Khuli Kachehri was very successful. All other Associations and Trade bodies were also invited to present their respective issues. The KESC has appreciated the suggestions given by the members and assured that all valuable proposals will be considered.

The meting was also attended by Mr. Rasheeduddin Rashid, Senior Vice President, KCCI, Mr. Javed Ahmed Vohra, Vice President, KCCI, Managing Committee Members, Representative form Small Traders and a large numbers of KCCI members.

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