Monday, November 2, 2009

Qadir Khan Mandokhail Welfare Trust

To awareness of human rights and laws in general public, few country friends and human friends formed this trust in 1995. The priority of goal is struggle for peace, justice and protects the oppression. This is a non-profitable organization, which is providing free legal services to the innocent and heirless prisoners in Karachi and Pakistani Jails. QT Has Also Providing Free Medical Aid And Ambulance Service To The Poor Citizens Of pakistan. QT is running 45 Ambulances in Pakistan, on first phase trust is providing 24 hours free ambulance service through out Pakistan for Bomb Blasts and other emergences.

QT has helped out to release more than 6200 innocent and heirless prisoners and more than 1356 cases which are under trail in Karachi and different Courts are being handling by QT. More than 1700 (separation case) dissolution of marriages has been cleared by QT. More than 21060 on record cases, family fighting etc. have been solved without any court interference.

One-hundred Sixty Million (160,000,000) population of the motherland is excessively facing adversity for lack of understanding & know-how about their citizenship rights and their illiteracy towards laws is minimal to protect their rights. The general public was never effectively divulged about the laws in affect & about their rights. That’s the reason why violation of general public rights has become a daily routine & display in all the affairs of our society?

In the beginning, achievement of the objectives of this mission was apparently next to impossible but Mr. Qadir braved the darkness by staying determined; he glimmered a lamp of awareness, information & endurance against injustice. Anybody could guess, the resistance was staunch at first but gradually subsided by the Grace of God, Al-merciful and All-powerful; so much so, continual support of general public has helped advance the activities which has turned this mission into a noble cause at national level.

Today this QT is known to be a safe heaven for those who are deprived, suppressed and those whose rights have been taken away by false interpretation, misrepresentation of law. That comprises Human Rights violations, Juvenile & Family matters and Crimes etc. Moreover, Petitioning against unbalanced prevailing acts, laws and ordinances and pleading cases for the law-abiding citizens of Pakistan.

The core services offered thru QT are:
Free-of-cost Legal Aid
Free-of-cost Medical Aid &
Ambulance Services

The QT Chairman had been an active, participating member of Jail Reforms Committee, Government of Sindh. Successfully petitioned to establish Juvenile Courts. Prisoner Database Services established to provide information about their cases, proceedings, whereabouts and likewise. First Aid & Medical Center established at City Courts to provide necessary medical services.

The doors of Qadir Khan Mandokhail Welfare Trust are open to all deserving & deprived of the County and for those who are willing to engage lawyer for challenging tasks.

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