Monday, May 11, 2009

MQM for action against ‘patrons of Taliban’ in Karachi

KARACHI: The MQM Coordination Committee in a statement issued yesterday has demanded of the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and the ISI Chief General Shuja Pasha to take action against the growing Talibanizaiton in Karachi, their activities. The committee also demanded action against ANP alleging that the ANP is providing support and protection to the Taliban.
Not only the ANP leaders are involved in providing protection and support to the Talibans in Sindh, particularly in Karachi, but some high level bureaucrats and officials of PPP (Sindh) are also supporting them.
The statement alleged that they are receiving their share from the land mafia, drug mafia and arms dealers and openly supporting them.
The statement further said that the details in this regard were presented to the President Asif Ali Zardari in a meeting with MQM founder & leader Mr. Altaf Hussain in London on May 3. But it appears that President Zardari also has failed to take any action by breaking this nexus.
The MQM Coordination Committee made it clear that if the Sindh government does not part its ways with the criminal elements of the ANP then the elected members of the MQM will be left with no other option except to quit the Federal and Provincial governments.
Rabita Committee regretted that despite all assurances from the President of Pakistan, the activities of land grabbers, drug traffickers and mafia involved in arms dealing continues without any fear. It further claimed that the high officials of PPP in Sindh government are working in connivance with the criminal elements.
The statement said that it is quite evident from the fact that on the demand of ANP, the Sindh government has announced a public holiday on May 12, whereas, the ANP stalwarts did not shown the same courage in NWFP where not only the ANP itself is running the affairs of the government but their leaders and workers were also killed in the attacks.
The MQM Coordination Committee warned the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kyani and the ISI Chief General Shuja Pasha that if they will not intervene to check and stop the criminal activities of these elements then the Sindh and particularly Karachi too will become a safe-heaven for the terrorists and the government will be left with no other option but to enter into a deal with the terrorists.
The MQM Coordination Committee said that 13 MQM workers were murdered by ANP terrorists on 12th May 2007 but the Government failed to take any action against them. However, the Sindh Government under pressure of ANP has announced a public holiday on 12th May. The massacre at the hands of ANP terrorists of 14th December 1986 at Aligarh Colony where hundreds of Urdu speaking persons were brutally murdered, similarly the massacres of 31st October 1986 and Sohrab Goth Karachi, 30th September 1988 in Hyderabad, bloodshed of Urdu speaking after the murder of Benazir Bhutto on 27th December 2007; should also be remembered and these days should also be observed as day of mourning and a public holiday should also be announced to pay respect to the innocent people who lost their lives in these massacres.

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