Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dozens of dolphins trapped near Karachi beach

Apparently chasing small feed, dozens of dolphins were washed ashore and got trapped near the Karachi beach, while some sustained injuries as fishermen tried to put them into water.

" Dolphins usually travel in groups and probably the were chasing small fish for feed and got washed ashore and trapped on the beach,"Mir Hussain an environmentalaalist protection agency said.

Television channels reported that no WWF official was present at the Gaddani beach to help protect and free the dolphins properly." Some of these dolphins were wounded as the local fishermen who were trying to free them and put them back into water didn't know how to handle them," Mohammad Shah of the Pakistan Fisherfolk forum said.

Two kinds of dolphins, the indus and blind dolphins, are found in Pakistan's indus waters and are declared protected and rare species by the World Wildlife Fund.

He said unfortunately there were no dolphin experts in Pakistan and the local fishermen used nets and shovels to move the dolphins some of whom were quite heavy." They were around two dozen dolphins that got trapped on the beach many of them have now been freed," he said.

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