Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Teejays: The pioneering brand in fashion industry marches towards further glories

By Syed Khalid Mahmood

A whole generation has grown in the awe of Teejays. It was way back in the early 1970s when they had arrived with a fresh concept of designing and stitching state-of-the-art shalwar-kameez. It brought about a revolution in the fashion circles.

Teejays rocked the country becoming a household name in a remarkably short span of time. Because of the high quality of the product, they made early inroads in the international market as well and Teejays earned customers all over the world.

Teejays became the lifeline of the entertainment industry in Pakistan as their dresses added graceful touch to the performing artists. They had made their debut by having designed for PTV wardrobes for that famous serial ‘Kiran Kahani’ in 1973.

Teejays is recognized as the most prestigious brand and their product-line continues growing more than quarter of a century later when some other companies have also made their way to the market. They have been universally acclaimed as the pioneers of fashion industry in Pakistan, having provided the base for future for the creative designers, many of whom have gone on to make fortunes.

‘Teejays Has Designs on You’ was the slogan that caught the imagination of the people. Their other slogans ‘What Levi’s is to Jeans, Teejays is to Shalwar-Kameez’ and ‘Designing Shalwar-Kameez for the World’ also became very popular.

They had come into being with the opening of an outlet in Karachi by the name of Teejays Exclusive in 1970. They got themselves incorporated as a private limited company in 1977 and started domestic production the same year.

By embarking to remodel and redesign the shalwar-kameez on using different fabrics they met with phenomenal success and they opened branches in different parts of the country. Thus began a journey that goes on and on.

The Teejays brand is the brainchild of that visionary fellow named Tanwir Jamshed who is more famous and recognizable with his initials TJ for obvious reasons. He has certainly become a legend in his own lifetime.

As his wide range of creative products and their monumental success suggest, TJ is credited to having redefined the fashion history of Pakistan.

TJ is a genius in the truest sense of the word. Besides excelling in his own field, he has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the world affairs that would make the most prolific of intellectuals proud. He has a passion for reading, a quality that has helped him immensely in his scholastic skills.

TJ is much more than just an outstanding fashion designer and entrepreneur. He cares for the society and proactively contributes his bit in alleviating the pains of the people in need.
He encourages and appreciates the creative persons and guides them to make the most of their talents. He is a patient listener who avoids jumping to a conclusion without getting the full picture.

The personalities like TJ are an asset for the nation. He is one the role models for the young generation who hold the key to the future. His attributes, in fact, are a source of inspiration for people of all ages.

TJ may have crossed the age of 60 but he has lost none of the passion or the zeal that made him a celebrity. He has not been laid low by the odd bouts of illness either. His level of commitment to the profession and the cause of the nation are legendary.

He has created more than 5,000 shalwar-kameez designs and his dresses have made it to the wardrobes of over 150 television serials. But there are no hints of him being arrogant or even proud. Modesty has been one of his virtues. He commands respect for his clarity of thought and honesty of purpose.Rome was not built overnight. Neither has been the reputation of TJ. He has worked with missionary zeal over the years to get to the position he is in now. He has worked against the heaviest of odds to accomplish his cherished goals.

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