Saturday, May 19, 2018

Umer Bin Khattab Foundation


Under the management of Umer Bin Khattab Foundation, two schools are being run. More than 200 boys and girls students study there. Most of the students are of deserving and from needy families.
You are requested to please visit there and help them for their monthly fees, Books, Uniform, etc. Besides, we need a Generator and a water cooler also.

For Contact: 
Dr. Khalid Mehmood
0345.2719123, 0334.3354820.
A/C No: 6140-7 (N.B.P)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Karachi Mass Transit Project A system, that should have materialized decades ago: Zakaria Usman

Mr. Zakaria Usman, President FPCCI has express his serious concern over long awaited plan of Karachi Mass Transit Project which was planned years back with hard work involving years of surveys, studies, new laws, relocation of people, a committed international financier, provision of guarantees and much more. Now it need to resolve and sincere will to push it through although this should have happened decades ago.

He further said that Karachi Mass Transit Project was one of the unfortunate projects in the country’s history that had faced inordinate delays. Though several years had passed, the work on the project could not be started due to bureaucratic hurdles.

The President FPCCI drew the attention of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to the fact that Karachi is 60 times larger than it was when Pakistan was created in 1947. It is the world’s fastest growing mega city like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Lagos, Jakarta, Mumbai, Delhi and Chicago. It has now become the world's 7th largest metropolis with an estimated population of nearly 20 million inhabitants. He said that Karachi is economic lifeline of Pakistan and is the country's financial capital. It is the financial and industrial powerhouse of the country which contributes 25% of GDP. The port of Karachi handles 60 percent of Pakistan’s cargo and the Karachi Stock Exchange is one of Asia’s most active trading money market.

He said that 15 years back the transport system of Karachi was satisfactory which was consisting of circular railways, KRTC buses, private coaches and taxies. The state owned circular railway and big buses were gradually broken due to lack of maintenance and attention of the concerned authorities. Now after 15 years the people are at the mercy of thousands of three wheelers and qingqi. Rather we should have upgraded the transport system instead we dropped it from our standard.

He further stated that many of the potential benefits of urbanization will be hard to realize unless there is improved city governance and serious efforts to reduce the level of violence in Karachi So what has already been done and what can Nawaz Sharif Government do to give a mass transit system that any mega city like Karachi must have, he urged.

The President of the apex trade body requested the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Governor and Chief Minister Sindh to give priority to Karachi Mass Transit Project which needs sincerity for implementation. This will bring much needed foreign direct investment in the country and it will impact positively on trade and economic activities in Pakistan and will reduce the level of fuel consumption in public and private transportation from one corner of the city to another corner, reflecting in reduction of import of oil which is one of the major importing items. This will also provide pollution free healthy environment.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Germany to help women entrepreneurship in Pakistan - Klinner

The Consul General of Federal Republic of Germany, Dr Tilo Klinner gas asked the apex trade body – Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) to provide him the concrete proposals required for promoting and strengthening women entrepreneurship in Pakistan. The German diplomat was talking to the acting President FPCCI Rukhsana Jehangir along with Vice Presidents, Gulzar Firoz, Abdul Khaliq and Chairman Standing Committee on Foreign Investment Shaikh Humayun Saeed, and Mir Nasir Abbas D.G International Affairs in a meeting held here the CG also discussed matters of mutual interests.  

The CG also informed the business representatives that he would also hold one more session in FPCCI where he will bring the visa officer to streamline the visa issuance which is mentioned at every step.

The CG advised Rukhsana Jehangir to present all those proposals which require strengthening and support to women entrepreneurial projects from German agencies. He said that database of women stakeholders would be collected so as to progress forward and take up the matter in Berlin.

The Consul General Dr. Klinner was joined by Mian Abrar and Mr. Qazi Managing Director BSAF, and President of Pakistan German Business Forum. The acting President emphasized the need for close collaboration with the German Consulate for enhancing bilateral trade and investment in Pakistan. She further added that being a woman Vice President of apex trade body her prime objective is to give support to women entrepreneurs who are mostly small and medium, and require full support in the field of product development and capacity building on order to attract international buyers and suppliers. She requested the CG to get support for Agencies such as GIZ and other prominent organizations and government agencies who can provide support in the field of fairs and exhibitions, value addition, etc.

Vice President FPCCI, Gulzar Firoz pointed out that there were very little German delegations visiting Pakistan and emphasized the need for getting more trade and investment delegations. Especially after the visit of German Foreign Minister to Pakistan and after the general elections held in Pakistan the environment is feasible and conducive to business development. He further added that FPCCI through Pak-German Business Council can promote collaboration in the field of chemicals, which will eventually help the export sector of Pakistan. Mr. Humayun Sayeed while appreciating the initiative taken by the Vice President, said that the FPCCI and Pak-German Business Forum are duplicating tasks by working in isolation with each other instead of work through the Business Council of FPCCI. He suggested that we can work more positively this way, join hands and hold a joint session since both of us have a common goal. It was decided by the Consul General that an interactive session should be held at FPCCI having BoD of Pak-German Business Forum and office bearers of Pak-German Business Council PGBF would also like to take SAARC on board when they meet at the FPCCI.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Brazil is the largest trade partner of Pakistan in Latin America this was stated by President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry while meeting with Mr.Alfredo Leoni, Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan. He said that current volume of bilateral trade which is just US $ 102 million is not reflective of our relations and potential available in the two countries. He also emphasized to enhance both export and import from Pakistan and vise versa. Mr.Zubair Ahmed Malik informed that diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Brazil were established in 1952 since then both countries are enjoying cordial relations.
The meeting between President FPCCI and Brazilian Ambassador discussed various issues and emphasized to promote market economy. They also discussed possibility of joint ventures in various feasible sectors including Halal food, information technology; poultry etc. at present trade between the two countries is carried out via third country from Au Dhabi or Istanbul due to no direct flight from Pakistan. Both countries should also rationalize trade rules and tariff to promote trade.
Mr.Alfredo Leoni informed that Brazilian Businessmen are reluctant to visit Pakistan due to bad impression created by Media but he believes that ground reality is quite different. He emphasized that both countries should make joint efforts to over come extremism and terrorism. He informed that Brazil imports football from Sialkot, Pakistan. He also informed that Brazil will host 2014 Football World Cup. He also said that Brazil is the largest beef and meat exporter to South America. 
The commercial section of Brazilian Embassy which also includes Pakistani attended the meting and Mr.Zubair Ahmed Malik; President FPCCI suggested them to cooperate to enhance bilateral relation between Pakistan and Brazil. Mr.Zubair Ahmed Malik also proposed to form Pak-Brazil Joint Business Council. The meeting also attended by Col (R) Irfan Kayani a leading Businessmen dealing with Brazil, Mr.Malik Suhail Hussain, Chairman Diplomatic Affairs, Media and Public relation FPCCI Capital Office.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Justice Mushir Alam lauds SSUET for meeting the challenge

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi 
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Chief Justice of the High Court of Sindh, Justice Mushir Alam, has lauded the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Karachi, for producing 10,000 engineers for Pakistan serving humanity nationally and internationally with global vision. 

He was addressing as chief guest at a 4000-strong gathering at the 16th Convocation-2013 of the University held at the Karachi Expo Center on March 26. Around 1100 passing out graduates, including a group having done Masters in Civil, Bio-Medical Engineering and Mathematics, were conferred degrees in Computer, Electronics, Civil, Bio-Medical and Telecom Engineering and Computer Science. 

Various Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were also given to students bagging first, second and third positions in all the engineering disciplines. 

Addressing the passing out graduates, the Chief Justice Mushir Alam told them that they are equipped with creative and innovative abilities and prepared to take the challenges head on, hold reigns of this nation and steer it towards more successful and technologically advanced Pakistan. 

Pakistan, he pointed out, is land of opportunity and Allah has gifted Pakistan with 3rd largest coal mine; 3rd number in cotton production; 4th number in rice production; 5th largest gold mine, 6th largest army; 7th nuclear power, 11th biggest gas reservoir; 11th number in wheat production and world’s biggest youth (20-30 years) make up nearly one-third of Pakistan’s total population. 

“But what we lack is true, upright and loyal leadership in Pakistan,” CJ Mushir Alam said adding that unfortunately our industries are shutting down because of acute energy crises and this land of opportunities was in the grip of few handful opportunists who are plundering Pakistan for personal gains. 

“Just as we have high confidence on your capabilities and on the excellence of the academic and attitudinal grooming each one of you has received, I personally, and above all your parents, family members and Pakistan all have very high expectations from each of you."

It is strong conviction of all of us that you the engineers can changed the country if you devote your energy and time to make new breakthroughs, Chief Justice Mushir Alam emphasized and added that all above resources Pakistan was gifted with awaits your exploration to convert Pakistan as a strong industrialized and economically viable country. 

The Chief Justice SHC said that Pakistan, after long dictatorial rule has achieved a mile stone by completing first ever five year of democratic rule and day before yesterday witnessed swearing in of Justice (Rtd) Mir Hazar Khan Khoso as caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan, appointments of former judges as Chief Minister in KPK, Sindh is clear manifestation of trust people have on the judiciary of Pakistan. 

He said it was not the job of judiciary to run the country. The responsibility lies on the elected representatives. Responsibility of the judiciary is to ensure that the state is being run by rule of law and in accordance with the Constitutions. 

Present judiciary, he continued, has fostered and strengthens the democracy by ensuring rule of law and equal treatment and protection of law. For many this democratic rule was not a pleasing experience but democracy has to be given chance and now we are at the cross road, here your contribution to the society will certainly set the direction for the nation. 

He told them to use their right of franchise sensibly and honestly. ”As a nation we have travelled 66 years. Throughout this journey Pakistan was led by many dictatorial rules and intermittently for a short while by the controlled democracy. It is not the distance that many nations cover matters. What matters is the direction we have chosen to move forward. If the directions are set right we are sure to reach the destination, no matter how long the journey is otherwise we will continue to wander rudderless and we lost in the history."   

Addressing the young engineers, CJ Mushir Alam told them that they are fortunate to live in present day time. They are witness to a change – change from rule of tyranny to the rule of law. “You have seen in your time how just a ‘No’ of Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry to the unconstitutional demand of a dictator on 9th March 2007 has changed the entire scenario. Just one ‘No’ triggered whole event of change in the society, it has resurrected moral renaissance in Pakistan , it has changed the mindset of the people.” 

Now, he said, each member of the society is looking forward to a change for a better, prosperous and just Pakistan. “It is you the educated youth to rest the responsibility to bring the change and to turn the wheel of prosperity and bring into being justice, fair and peaceful society; where life and liberty of every citizen is protected, all are treated equally and have an equal opportunity to grow and where rule of law reign supreme."

This university CJ SHC, pointed out, has equipped you with the chisel of knowledge and wisdom and now it was for them how to effectively use this to shape out Pakistan of your dream. 

He said their mission in life should be to go out to serve people of their country and use their knowledge to bring change and it was now their turn to contribute. 

Earlier in his address and report, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Jawd Hussain Rizvi informed that since the establishment of this university in 1994, education has been provided to over 10,000 students in a number of disciplines from Civil to Bio-Medical Engineering. 

He revealed that the university is offering Ph.D program in Electronic and Computer Engineering only for its faculty members and currently there were 15 students pursuing Ph.D studies and some of them receive their degrees in coming year while the university plans to offer Ph.D programme in other disciplines also. 

He said the university believes in providing its students with access to all necessary tools and its state-of-the-art labs are equipped with modern equipment meeting international standards. He said the faculty is dedicated and well qualified. 

He congratulated the graduating class of 2012 and their loved ones and said may the years they spent at SSUET be the best years of their life and may these years pave the way for greater success and happiness of thyeir future. 

He quoted great reformer and educationist Sir Syed Ahmed Khan saying that “national progress is the sum total of the individuals, labour, honour, honesty and sympathy. Similarly national downfall is the cumulative results of individuals, laziness, dishonesty, selfishness and other weaknesses of character."

This university, he said, operates on the philosophy of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan with no restriction on admissions on the basis of cast, creed or domicile. He said admissions are provided on the basis of merit alone and for the reason, the SSUET has seen an increasing influx of talented students From all parts of Pakistan. 

On the occasion a total of 1123 students were conferred degrees in various engineering disciplines including 255 in Civil, 324 in Electronics, 100 in Telecom, 78 in Bio-Medical and 275 in Civil Engineering and 91 in Computer Science. 

Top position holders were awarded Z.A. Nizami, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Muhammed Zakir Ali Khan, Dr A.T. Khan, Bashir A. Malik and Hasan Nasir University Gold Medals besides University Silver and Bronze medals in the six engineering disciplines. 

Among others, the convocation was attended by renowned nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Chairman Pakistan Engineering Council Engr Syed Abdul Qadir Shah, Members of SSUET’s Board of Governors, Members of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) and a large number of city’s elite. The proceedings were conducted by the SSUET Registrar, Shah Mahmood H Syed.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Violations of traffic laws: Karachi police enhanced amount of fines

Taking drastic step to fill its empty coffer, Karachi police Monday enhanced amount of fines on 52 different violations of traffic laws to manifolds. Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Karachi, Abdul Khaliq Sheikh announced the increase in fines. Fine on driving a vehicle without licence has been increase from Rs300 to Rs1000, violation of traffic signal from Rs100 to Rs500, over-speeding from Rs50 to Rs400, having fake fitness certificate from Rs400 to Rs2000.

Earlier, the police had cancelled the permits of vehicles with tinted glass, besides slapping ban on driving motor bikes with helmet coving face.(FP)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


KMC Administrator Muhammad Hussain Syed said construction of a 50 bed each hospital in Gulistan-e-Jauhar and Federal B-Area Block 13 was underway speedily and construction of both hospitals in current fiscal year would be completed to provide better health care facilities to citizens. He said this during a visit of both under construction hospitals along with the D.G Technical Services Altaf G. Memon, Sr. Director Medical Services Dr. A.D Sajnani, Project Directors and other concerned engineers. Administrator Karachi said sum of Rs165million would incur on the construction of hospital in Gulistan-e-Jauhar and this would be completed in a year. 
The hospital building which spread on 48thousand square feet land would have the emergency, diagnosis facility, OPD, Operation Theatre, ICU, Wards for Women and Children and General Wards. This three storey hospital would provide medical facilities to the residents of localities located at from around Nipa Chowrangi to Safoora Goth. While visiting the Federal B-Area Block 13, Administrator Muhammad Hussain Syed said this hospital would be constructed with a cost of Rs165million in a year with all the necessary medical and health care facilities to be provided in this three storey building. He said for providing treatment to people suffered with cardiovascular diseases, this hospital would be affiliated with the Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases. He said the construction work on these projects was started and it is expected to be completed on time. 
Administrator Karachi said the development wing of health department of Government of Sindh was providing cooperation to KMC in the provision of funds for these hospitals. He said that Karachi had lack of medical facilities as compared with population here and citizens had to face difficulties due to immense rush of patients in all big hospitals. He said KMC through 13 big hospitals, 275 dispensaries, clinics and maternity homes was providing citizens with medical facilities. He said a new block consisting of 200 beds in Sobhraj Maternity home had also been built to facilitate citizens.